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Are you feeling stuck?

Are you fed up?

Are you feeling like you’ve tried everything – therapy, meditation, medication – and things still are not changing for the better?

Do you feel like you know what the problem is but you still don’t know how to get at the root of it?

Are you striving to be your best in life and wanting to make a big difference in the world but you’re just not getting there?

Many of my clients have felt the same – struggling and pushing themselves for years to heal from and master their issues but end up feeling defeated. In working to get to the core of their suffering, I’ve found that working with the chakras is an incredibly effective and deeply transformative portal to their healing.

I’ve seen almost instant shifts when I work with my clients through these energy centers. On a practical level, my clients find them easy to relate to and actually downright fun to work with. The ability of chakra work to help us connect with ourselves on a deep level and create lasting change is phenomenal.

For these reasons, I’ve developed three levels of programs to accommodate whatever level of personal commitment and transformation you’re ready for as well as financial ability.

Discovery Package

You and Your Chakras:
An Experiential Journey to Introduce You to these Amazing Energy Centers and How they Can Help You Make Shifts Now!

Are struggling to find a sense of peace and calm during your day?

Are you wanting a way to feel more yourself?

Are you feeling disconnected from how you feel and what you want?

Do you simply want to spend some quiet time being gently guided to connect with yourself?

This 2 Volume Set of 15 MP3 Recordings is a great place to start!

You’ll Learn About:

  • How each Chakra Impacts You Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally
  • How blocks in each can negatively impact your life and ways to release these blocks
  • The major developmental times in childhood that each affects and how these issues are impacting you now
  • Gentle Movement lessons to help heal and transform each chakra to bring a greater sense of peace and mastery into your life
  • Gentle Guided Meditations to bring your awareness deeper into your body and intuitive self so that you can begin to find your own answers and authentic self

Purchase Now and Begin Your Journey of Discovery!

Full Price: $98; Your Price: $79

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Exploration Package

Heal Your Chakras – Transform Your Life!
An 8 Week In-Depth Teleseminar Program

Sundays, April 27th – June 15th; 5:30 – 6:45pm PDT

Take your Personal Exploration to the next level and join this amazing group class!

  • Are you feeling stuck in old patterns and need a jump start?
  • Are you wanting deeper insight to want drives
  • Are you looking for deeper meaning in your life?

Each week will be devoted to exploring a different chakra from a physical, mental, emotional, developmental, and spiritual perspective.

Enjoy Guided Meditations, enlightening information, and lively group discussions.

Some Topics we will cover include:

  • How tending to your 1st (root) chakra is the very basis for Self-Love
  • Connecting with your 2nd Chakra to bring more Joy into your life
  • The Importance of gaining clarity in your 3rd Chakra to feel Empowered in your life
  • The Heart Chakra as the seat of relationships and balance in life
  • Opening the 5th Chakra to gain your authentic voice in your life
  • The 6th Chakra (your 3rd eye) – gaining clarity and trusting your intuition
  • Your 7th Chakra – Reclaim Your Connection to the Divine

This class includes a workbook with outlines to what will be covered on each chakra, weekly assignments, and inspirational thoughts for journal writing. Each session will be recorded in case you need to miss or simply want to review whenever you wish.

And as a Bonus with Your Enrollment! — Receive the 2 Volume Audio Set
You and Your Chakras: An Experiential Journey
Free! (a $98 Value)

These recordings will greatly enhance and deepen what you will learn each week and help you continue your learning long after the class is over.

Enroll Now and begin exploring the richness that is You!
Class size is limited so enroll early!

Investment: $487

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Optional 4 Payment Plan! Four payments of $128 (email and we’ll get you set up! Subject Line: Heal Your Chakras Payment Plan)

Transformation Package

The Embodied Soul Breakthrough Method
Your Private, One on One Intensive Journey

This is it! It’s Your Time to make the Huge Changes and Transformation in your life you’ve been waiting for!

OK – you feel like you’ve tried everything; done everything; meditated on everything – and still you feel back to square one – or at least square 1.3.

If you’re ready to commit to real transformation, this is for you.

Join me for the most amazing journey of your life – diving into the depths of your inner truth to transform those old patterns that keep you bound to the tired old way of life you’re done with.

Week 1 – Shamanic Soul Retrieval and Chakra Healing

This 2.5 hour session will include:

  • Reconnecting you split off parts of yourself and helping them to reintegrate fully healed
  • An in-depth clearing and healing of the energy field the fills and surrounds your body
  • A full assessment, clearing, and harmonizing of each of your chakra

For a more complete explanation of this process, click here.

Weeks 2-9 — Weekly 1 hour sessions exploring each chakra in-depth.

We will be working with the long-held patterns you’ve been storing in each chakra to help you break free of these limiting programs and be able to express the unique gifts you came to the planet with.

Themes we will be covering will include:

  • Week 2 – The First Chakra
    • Self-Love and Self-Care
    • Issues around basic needs and your body
    • Feelings of Safety and Security
  • Week 3 – The 2nd Chakra
    • Getting in touch with what you really want
    • Your ability to experience Joy
    • Creativity, Emotions, and Sexuality
  • Week 4 – The 3rd Chakra
    • Self-esteem
    • Feeling Empowered
    • Releasing Shame
  • Week 5 – The 4th Chakra
    • Love and Intimacy
    • Relationships
    • Self-Acceptance
  • Week 6 – The 5th Chakra
    • Communication
    • Expressing your Authentic Self
    • Speaking and hearing the Truth
  • Week 7 – The 6th Chakra
    • Clarity in perception
    • Intuition
    • Working with Dreams
  • Week 8 – The 7th Chakra
    • Connecting with Spirit
    • Working with your Belief Systems
    • Connecting with Your Inner Wisdom
  • Week 9 – Time for questions and review
    • This is your time to use to process anything that has come up the the previous weeks in whatever way you need.

Week 10 – Shamanic Healing and Soul Purpose Journey

In this 2.5 hour session, I begin with doing a thorough clearing of your energy field. After the weeks of intense work you’ve been doing to gain insight to your past blocks and patterns, a lot has been stirred up and is ready to go. In this clearing, we get to sweep away all the energy blockages that you have brought to the surface and release those patterns. More soul pieces may be ready to return now that you’ve done significant healing. I will work with the energetic matrix of your field to bring it into a state of peace and harmony.

Once this is established, I will connect deeply with you at a Soul level to bring you insight and awareness as to what your Soul is here to do at this time and the next steps in your journey.

In the latter part of this session, you will have a chance to process any feelings or questions that have arisen for you during this journey as well as from the past weeks of exploration.

We will finish with creating a positive action plan for you to continue your healing and growth that best supports your Soul’s journey.

In addition to your one-on-one sessions,
this package includes:

  • Enrollment in Heal Your Chakras – Transform Yourself: An 8 Week In-Depth Teleseminar Program
    You may attend this class in-person or receive all the recordings to review at your own pace. This class greatly enhances your process of working with each chakra through weeks 2-9. (a $487 value)
  • The 2 Volume Audio MP3 Set: You and Your Chakras: An Experiential Journey
    hese recordings will greatly enhance and deepen what you will learn each week and help you continue your learning long after the class is over. (a $98 Value)
  • A Weekly Chakra Workbook and Journal to assist your personal healing journey throughout our time together and Beyond.

Join me for this One of a Kind Deeply Transformative Healing Journey and Step Into the Life You were Born to Live!

Investment: $2497; $1997 if enrolled by April 21

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Discovery Package
  • You and Your Chakras
    An Experiential Journey 2 Volume Audio Set
Exploration Package
  • You and Your Chakras
    An Experiential Journey 2 Volume Audio Set
  • Heal Your Chakras – Transform Yourself
    An 8 Week In-Depth Teleseminar Program
Transformation Package
  • You and Your Chakras
    An Experiential Journey 2 Volume Audio Set
  • Heal Your Chakras – Transform Yourself
    An 8 Week In-Depth Teleseminar Program
  • The Embodied Soul Breakthrough Method
    Your Private One-on-One Intensive Journey