Somatic Psychotherapy

I have spent nearly 30 years exploring the richness of how our psychology and sense of self are experienced through the body. Our first and primary sense of self is physical – how we feel within our own skin. One of the central focuses of what I do is to assist my clients in getting comfortable with what they find uncomfortable or unbearable within themselves. The avoidance of these issues is what creates much of our suffering and lack of satisfaction in our lives. The ability to stay present and at relative ease with what is, enables the inherent wisdom of our system to resolve and heal itself naturally.

The client-therapist relationship is a sacred one. A commitment. True healing can only come about when there is a deep resolve within both to face the truth of our reality, suffering, and ultimate potential, and commit to walking with presence and humility the inner labyrinth of our hidden demons, joys, and misfit selves. It is through diving into the richness of our unconscious selves that we return with the very treasures of Heaven and Earth – our Divinity and our Humanity. By bringing together these two into a present and cohesive self, we become a fully embodied soul.

My therapy style is infused with my years of training in Gestalt, Existential, Transpersonal, Object Relations, Self-Psychology, Family Systems, and Cognitive Behavioral theories of psychology. I spent many of my early years interning under an anxiety and panic disorder specialist. Over the years, I have come to observe that, in a high percentage of my clients, the effects of trauma (whether in the form of single, horrible events or ongoing, low grade, constant stressors) play a significant role in their challenge to gain more resiliency and success in their healing process.

My vast background in body-centered practices – as a Qi Gong and Tai Chi instructor, Feldenkrais teacher, and Somatic Experiencing practitioner – has proven itself invaluable in releasing my clients from their chronic suffering and helping them leap forward into more satisfying and productive lives. I interweave these modalities throughout the sessions depending on the immediate needs and goals of each client. When a client truly commits to the process and follows through with integrating new behaviors into their day to day life, miracles can happen.

At times, our work together may look more like classical psychotherapy:

~ Talking through your troubles so you can feel heard, understood, and held in a state of compassion

~ Questioning the limiting beliefs and patterns that have been keeping you from experiencing a more satisfying life and moving forward towards love and success

~ Working through old pain and grief that continue to haunt you

~ Learning better communication and boundaries to create more loving and satisfying relationships

~ Exploring your deepest dreams and talents and how to bring them forward in your day to day life


At other times, it will be more productive to focus on the body and your nervous system:

~ Learning how to tame an overactive stress response

~ Releasing long-repressed emotions that have been held deeply in the body

~ Working through trauma in a gentle, titrated way to regain resiliency in the nervous system and emotions

~ Using principles from Qi Gong and the Feldenkrais Method to resolve internal conflict and come to challenges with a deeper sense of peace and comfort

~ Working with the breath to bring long repressed emotions to a sense of completion


My style is very flexible so that I can follow the organic wisdom of your body, mind, and spirit. My job is to uncover and shepherd the healing process that is already trying to happen.

If you feel ready to step onto this miraculous journey with me, I invite you to contact me and set up a free initial 15 minute phone consultation with me. It’s time to release the past and unlock the hidden treasures within.