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Are you feeling stuck?

Are you fed up?

Are you feeling like you’ve tried everything – therapy, meditation, medication – and things still are not changing for the better?

Do you feel like you know what the problem is but you still don’t know how to get at the root of it?

Are you striving to be your best in life and wanting to make a big difference in the world but you’re just not getting there?

Many of my clients have felt the same – struggling and pushing themselves for years to heal from and master their issues but end up feeling defeated. In working to get to the core of their suffering, I’ve found that working with the chakras is an incredibly effective and deeply transformative portal to their healing.

I’ve seen almost instant shifts when I work with my clients through these energy centers. On a practical level, my clients find them easy to relate to and actually downright fun to work with. The ability of chakra work to help us connect with ourselves on a deep level and create lasting change is phenomenal.

For these reasons, I’ve developed three levels of programs to accommodate whatever level of personal commitment and transformation you’re ready for as well as financial ability.

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Single Audios

Loving Your Rainbow Connection:
Guided Meditations to Heal and Harmonize Your Chakras

These are recordings of live teleseminars inspired by the participants as well as the energies of those to listen in the future. Enjoy the deeply relaxing, insightful, and transformational nature of each meditation along with the brief Q&A at the end of each session.

1) Honoring Your Home ~ Your 1st Chakra and the Body

Building a Home requires a strong foundation – as does building a life. So many of us, including myself, lose touch with our basic human nature – our needs. Self-care and the “mundane” aspects of life end up on the back burner. Unfortunately, this is a recipe for self-sabotage and burn out.

In this 50 minute recording, we’ll address the core aspects related to the first Chakra:

  • Your Basic Needs and Learning to Care for Yourself in a Loving Way
  • Your Relationship to Money
  • Honoring Your Body and Being a Physical Being
  • Sense of Safety
  • Your Right to Be Here

I have found the 1st chakra session a real benefit for my uptight condition. I became so relaxed that I nearly fell asleep. I continue to rely on the guidance you gave on the call.
E.F. – San Diego, CA

Join me in this meditation to release those blocks that keep you from giving the loving care to your body and day to day needs that they deserve!

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2) The Joy and Pleasure of Being ~ Bringing Harmony to Your 2nd Chakra

Are you allowing yourself to follow your Joy? Do you feel like you don’t make time in your life to be creative?

Do you feel disconnected or ashamed of the sensual and sexual side of yourself?

All of these are part of your birthright a a human being. They’re not just frivolous. They are natural, healthy parts of your experience that, when not present, make it very difficult to self-regulate and live a happy, satisfying life.

In this 55 minute recording, we’ll look at these central qualities of the 2nd Chakra:

  • Pleasure and Joy
  • Your Emotional Self
  • What You Want
  • Sensuality
  • Sexuality

Enjoy taking some time to meditate on gaining insight into and releasing those things that get in your way of living a fully joyful and sensual life!

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3) Empowering Your Authentic Self ~ The Vibrance of the 3rd Chakra

Are you struggling with low self-esteem? Are you feeling like you’re being victimized or not recognized for your True Self and talents? Do you question whether it’s possible to feel and be truly powerful without harming another? These are all signs that your 3rd chakra is out of balance.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel fully empowered and comfortable in being yourself, going after what you want, and trusting in your self-worth and capacities?

In this 50 minute recording, we’ll explore these core issues of the 3rd Chakra:

  • Power
  • Self-Esteem
  • Will
  • Self-Confidence
  • Autonomy

Give your Authentic Self this time and attention to feel the support it deserves!

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4) The Heart of It All ~ Bringing Love and Balance to Your 4th Chakra

This is our bridge point, our relationship center – between Spirit and Matter, between ourselves and the world. Do you feel you have enough Love in your life? Are you able to feel love and compassion for yourself? Are you feeling satisfied in your relationships?

Showing yourself deep care and compassion can be a magical first step (second, third,  . . . . .;) in healing your heart and your capacity to give and receive love.

This 55 minute call pays particular attention to the topic of Self-Love and these core issues of the 4th Chakra:

  • Feeling Worthy of Love
  • Balance
  • Relationships
  • Availability of Love in the Universe
  • Intimacy
The teleseminar class on the heart chakra was incredible. I have never experienced over-the-phone healing on that level and I was SOOOO relaxed afterwards.
–A.L. – the Bay Area, CA

Join me in this recording to experience the potential of Love and Support that always is available to you – both from within and without!

Introductory offer for MP3 download: $ 6.98

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