How I Work

The name of my business says it all – The Embodied Soul Center. In working deeply to heal at a Soul level, I find it quite necessary to simultaneously work with healing the nervous system and psyche. I’ve found that, without this, it’s like having a helicopter with no place to land. For the Soul and Authentic Self to Truly Shine, they need a healthy, well-regulated nervous system to help them fully embody – to fully Be Here. This is my central goal.

At the heart of everything I do lie these core principles and values:

  • Creating a safe, compassionate space that holds your healing and growth of central importance
  • Discovering, accepting, and taking responsibility for what is deeply true inside of you is the most complete path to healing
  • There is an ever-present, ever-important connection of the Body, Mind, and Spirit
  • A goal of helping you move beyond the therapeutic experience and into learning how to make every moment a potential for growth, healing, and mastery throughout your whole life and giving you the skills to do so.
  • The human experience is utterly fascinating – and self-discovery and the process of becoming more and more deeply present and aware can be one of the most glorious journeys you’ll ever embark upon.
  • The balancing of intuition, skill, knowledge, and pure presence is key to providing you with an environment of greatest learning and healing potential
  • Every moment I’m with my clients is a moment of learning for me as well

I integrate all that I do in my work with clients and students. I don’t see all of my different areas of knowledge and skill as separate. They are different facets of the same experience. As we go along, my awareness tracks you physically, psychologically, energetically, and spiritually – all at the same time. My intuition and knowledge base strike a great balance when determining which direction would best serve you at any given moment.

If I feel a body-centered focus would best serve to move things forward, that’s the course I’ll suggest. Sometimes removing an energy blockage first would expedite your process immensely. Sometimes it’s most beneficial for you to understand and fully own your deep feelings and beliefs about sometimes. And sometimes, well, you just need to be compassionately heard and seen and that’s may be the most healing experience for you at that time.

We’re dynamic, living beings. I love staying completely present with my clients and morphing what I’m doing to best follow the wonders of being a physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual organism.