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Global Shamanic Healing Circle:
Healing the Tribal Wound



Join me for a Beautiful Healing Event.

I’ve been doing monthly small in-person healing circles at my home office and have been getting the feedback that participants are experiencing profound shifts in themselves for days, weeks, and even months afterwards. I felt it was time to share the experience with my global community.


We’ve been discussing the importance of Peace and Deep Attunement both to ourselves and the world around us, how this impacts our sense of well-being and happiness, and the greater condition of the planet.

These monthly calls will give you a deep sense of healing, safety, relaxation, and presence in the context of a supportive ‘tribe’. My focus is to heal the deep disconnect we feel from ourselves, from others, from the planet, and from the Divine.

4th Sunday of every month (unless there’s a holiday)¬†

6-7 pm Pacific
(7pm Mountain / 8pm Central / 9pm Eastern)



I’m looking forward to¬†seeing you on the call!