Shamanic Gatherings:

Healing Your Self


Healing the Planet

~ Are you feeling stuck?

~ Wishing you could make a breakthrough in your life? In your health?

~ Do you feel troubled by what you see going on in the world around you?

~ Do you long to make a difference?

So do I. And so do many others.

Join me for this beautiful opportunity to come together in Spirit and Humanity to support each other in our quest for healing – and support the planet in this incredibly crucial time.

Each participant will have the opportunity to receive the group’s support in their healing process as well as ask for assistance for another being, social, or planetary issue. This is an excellent opportunity to get a boost in clearing the blockages that have been holding you back. Also, most western societies are highly individually motivated so we tend to not be good at receiving support. Learning how to receive could be one of the most profound experiences you get from the gathering.

On the larger scale, we carry our healing beyond our own boundaries and allow it to ripple out in all directions – bringing healing to the myriad of challenges facing our planet at this time.

This is a spiritually neutral event. All beliefs are welcome. I am a Shaman and hold the space as such. My main requirement is an open heart and good will. We’re here to help each other.

When:    Sunday, July 17th ~ 5:30-7pm

Where:   In-person (San Francisco) 

Fee:         Donation

***Space is very limited for these events. Priority is given to current clients and students as well as ongoing participants. Contact me if you are interested in attending. ***


This Month’s Focus:

Embodying Peace

Hands Nuturint Seedling in Cracked Soil-small

Almost everybody can agree that “Peace” is a good idea. When push comes to shove, when we’re under varying degrees of stress, how many of us can truly say we feel and emanate a sense of peace?
With everything going on the world, it’s getting more and more imperative that we heal ourselves. Peace cannot be just a concept. It needs to be a truth in our being down to our cells. The vibration we live from is the vibration we spread about us.

This month’s Healing Circle will focus on the vibration of Peace both from a Spiritual perspective as well as a very Practical one. By Healing Ourselves, We Heal the World.

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