Getting Your Priorities Straight – through the Chakras

What do the Chakras and Preschool have in common? Everything Has It’s Place.   

Some of the biggest inspiration I’ve gotten the last few months have come from my son’s Montessori preschool. A couple of weeks ago, I was preparing for a free introductory call on the chakras. That Thursday afternoon, I arrived at my son’s preschool to pick him up. I found him on the floor brushing the long wavy blond hair of a doll. My first internal response was surprise that he wasn’t playing with cars or dinosaurs – two of his favorite items. Once I dropped that, I fell into the intrigue of watching how captivated he was by this process. The next thing that caught my eye was the label on the tray the doll and her preening utensils belonged to – “Practical Life”.

It really struck me. There was something so poetic; so honoring; so in harmony about this. About the very design of this room.

Everything had its place. Nothing was higher or lower so to speak. It was a wall of shelves and cubbies filled and clearly labeled with all aspects of life. It was such a clear and beautiful representation of life – at least that of a life where its values are in harmony.

It’s an ongoing challenge for those I work with (and I need to include myself in this statement) to have a balanced sense of priorities in their lives. Even just the other evening, I was working with a very lovely couple. When I brought up the topic of them tending to their basic needs, they both got sheepish grins on their faces and admitted to being quite negligent with themselves in this department. How we care for ourselves is how we show ourselves love. It’s also how we show what we value.

The chakras represent all aspects of life in a balanced way:   Chakra 300x330

1st – Your basic Needs and Physical Identity

2nd – Your Wants, Sexuality, and Emotional Identity

3rd – Your Power, Will, and Sense of Autonomy

4th – Relationships, Balance, and Social Identity

5th – Communication and Self-Expression

6th –  Perception, Clarity, and  Intuition

7th – Divinity, Union, and Belief

When working with the chakras, it’s important to understand nothing is higher or lower – just different levels of density/manifestation. All are part of life, experience, and  being human. The health of one depends upon the health of all. All aspects are valued – are loved.

This is a wonderful perspective to look at life from. When we’re constantly bombarded from others, the media, life pressures, etc on how to think, feel, and behave, it’s easy to lose ourselves and become very unbalanced. We lose the joy and meaning of life.

It’s helpful to take a bit of a walk-through with the chakras to assess how you’re prioritizing each aspect of life and take positive action to bring things back into balance through behavior change. Where you spend your time, energy, and attention represents investment. It’s important to invest in each of the chakras.

I like to spend at least a week, if not a month or more, on each chakra with my clients. Looking at how each is currently being cared for; what are the past memories and beliefs associated with each; releasing old ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving that continue to be a detriment to that chakra; and choosing new, positive behaviors to help heal each chakra and bring more joy, meaning, and love into life.

Keep your eye out for my new 21 Day Self-Love Challenge online course coming soon! It’s all about the Chakras, Priorities, and bringing your life back into balance and love!


  1. Thank you Dorothy! Learning about energy healing and chakras has been eye opening to me. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Self-care and love is so important, and it really helps to keep us in a healthy state of balance, because we’re the first to know when something’s off or needed and can attend to it. It’s great Dorothy how you connected the story and our daily lives to how the Chakras represent it all in a balanced way.

  3. I particularly enjoyed the idea that one chakra isn’t better than another per se. It’s all about the balance. So I don’t have to strive to “achieve” the “highest” level; healthiness will get me there…

    • Yah Bonnie. I emphasize that because I’ve been around a lot of people who unknowingly get really caught up in the spritual bypassing thing. Well, there’s nothing spiritual about avoiding reality. The taoist master that taught would often say that his teacher would tell him “The Taoists consider the highest level of attainment is becoming simply human.” We spend a great deal of time an d energy avoiding our own humaness.

  4. Dorothy, I love learning about the chakras from you. It is very clear when I read your article here. I’ve picked 4 that I know are good ones to focus on…Thanks for laying it out so clearly.
    Cher Gunderson

    • Cool Cher. I’ve been working with the chakras for about 20 years now – and I always have to go back and reevaluate. It’s so easy with all the pressures around us to get out of balance. Enjoy!

  5. When I meditate and then visualize daily I often include a chakra meditation. I find focusing on each chakra feels centering and brings a focus to all aspects of my life. I think it’s amazing you spend time with your clients on each chakra. Wonderful blog post!

    • Thanks Veronica. It actually got much easier when I started bringing the chakras into my work with clients in a very concrete way. I was surprised how quickly and deeply they related to them – and it also made folks a lot more excited about follow through;)

  6. Thanks for this post, Dorothy. I really am drawn to the idea of taking “a bit of a walk-through” through the Chakras to pay attention to the different focuses and needs and to assess what I need to tend to. I really get the need for balance as I continually evolve into the best me I can be.

  7. Dorothy, your posts are always filled with wonderful info to prompt us to care for ourselves in unique ways. I particularly love your posts about chakras because tuning in to them can lead us to realizing in what areas our lives need some work. I’ll be watching out for your 21-day challenge.

  8. Sweet post Dorothy! I love the insights you pulled from your observations of your son playing in a room that represented a life with values in a harmonious place. I am currently working with my 5th Chakra – my communication and self- expression can really get mucked up and I have noticed that when this is happening the lower Chakra’s get backed up as well. It’s like I need to find a Master Chakra plumber! Hey – we could create a new professional category for a networking group 🙂 Seriously this is such important work! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.


    • Thanks Teena. And I’m laughing to myself about your “Master Chakra Plumber” comment. The reason I’m laughing is that is precisely one of the things I do – and I’m guessing, since you put it that way, it’s not clear from my marketing or communication that that’s what I do;)

  9. Your description of the Montessori preschool classroom brought back memories. Both of my kids attended a Montessori preschool – and I vividly remember the “practical life” area. 🙂 ~ Thank you for sharing your expertise with the chakras. The more I learn about them, the easier I’m able to rid my own body of stress. ~ And I love using this knowledge with my clients. Before I begin any group or private session, I lead them through a chakra visualization to clear the space – allowing divine wisdom to enter. It’s a great way of connecting with our own energetic power!

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