Practicing “Non-Violence” with Yourself

Enjoy a more accepting manner of approaching tension in your body!



  1. Dorothy, what a great message from “getting dirty with life” and “shoulds”. Your guidance in connecting with the physical tension and helping us move through tension in an easier manner was helpful as I followed your models and instruction 🙂 Thanks for this new way of working with our tension and seeing it as a cue rather than a problem.
    Cher Gunderson

  2. Dorothy, I love the idea of doing a video for the lesson versus just writing to us. It brings a whole different realm to the work we are doing. Very cool!

  3. Very helpful! I love the idea of not fighting the tension, but working with it. You have such an engaging and easy manner.

  4. Wonderful video! Your voice is so calming. Such an important topic. We need to be gentle with ourselves as opposed to trying to do what everybody says. I do progressive muscle relaxation in my sessions and my clients really benefit from it!

  5. Profound video Dorothy! – I so appreciate your authenticity and simplicity that you offer in your teachings that really get to the core of so much of our struggles on this planet!


  6. You look so beautiful in this video, Dorothy! 🙂 ~ As a recovering bulimic, I can SO relate to the many teachings you share. ~ Thank you for the great tips and exercises in this video – and for showing us how to “work with” tension.

    • Dorothy Fitzer :

      Tina – that’s really interesting that you relate the way you do. I had mild eating disorders throughout my mid to late teens. It was only after years on various body-centered practices that I recovered my ability to actually feel hunger. I remember the exact moment in my mid 20s – I was in Tai Chi class and, out of nowhere, I had a hunger pang. I hadn’t realized until that moment that I had not felt that sensation sense my teens. That’s why I studied and trained so deeply in many of the things I did – just to feel comfortable in my own skin. Time, money, and effort well-spent;)

  7. What a great video Dorothy; yes to release the tension naturally and let it unfold. Love the video.

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