The Heart of It All (audio)

Bringing Love and Balance to Your 4th Chakra: Guided Meditations to Heal and Harmonize Your Chakras

This is our bridge point, our relationship center – between Spirit and Matter, between ourselves and the world. Do you feel you have enough Love in your life? Are you able to feel love and compassion for yourself? Are you feeling satisfied in your relationships?

Showing yourself deep care and compassion can be a magical first step (second, third,  . . . . .;) in healing your heart and your capacity to give and receive love.

This 55 minute call pays particular attention to the topic of Self-Love and these core issues of the 4th Chakra:

  • Feeling Worthy of Love
  • Balance
  • Relationships
  • Availability of Love in the Universe
  • Intimacy

The teleseminar class on the heart chakra was incredible. I have never experienced over-the-phone healing on that level and I was SOOOO relaxed afterwards.
–A.L. – the Bay Area, CA

Join me in this recording to experience the potential of Love and Support that always is available to you – both from within and without!

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