Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Embodies-Soul-service-symbol_Shamanic-Soul-RetrievalThis is a comprehensive, 3 hour process that gets to the core of what’s blocking you at this time.

I work with people who have had a problem that has been keeping them stuck in their lives for years. They have often tried almost everything but still not getting the results they want. I help them heal the problem at the core level so they can move forward to:

  • live the life they want
  • manifest their life purpose
  • feel a deep sense of peace and joy
  • create fulfilling relationships

This is a great option for anyone feeling particularly stuck, wanting to jump start their healing process, or feeling they need to connect more deeply with themselves and the Divine. It is also an excellent choice for those needing to heal from trauma and patterns of strong disconnection within themselves.

Contact me for a free initial 15 minute interview to see if we are a good match.

This experience is divided into 3 specific sections

Shamanic Soul Retrieval –

During this first hour, I work on you on my own, while you have the option to lie down (either in the comfort of your own home or in my office) and relax to my guided meditation recording to enhance your healing experience.

At this level, I go into a deep and expansive state of consciousness to connect with my Spirit Guides and Your Soul and Energy Field. I ask to be shown what is most central to your healing and journey at this time. This will often mean I will be shown to heal and reintegrate into you aspects of yourself (“Soul Pieces”) that you split off from during traumatic or highly dysfunctional moments from your past. As these aspects of self heal, they’ll help you resolve unfinished emotions and memories from that time as well as make the amazing gifts and life force connected to them authentically available to you now. I may also be shown to address karmic (“past life”) patterns and deep, long-standing energetic programming.

Chakra Assessment

During the second hour, we meet in-person, over skype, or the phone and discuss what occurred in your Soul Retrieval. From there we move into the assessment of your 7 major energy centers – the Chakras. Each of these centers relates important aspects of life as well as major development periods in a child’s life.

It can be healing and informative to assess the energy field of each to see:

  • chronic family patterns holding you back in that aspect of life
  • wounding that occurred during this period of your life and/or regarding subject matter related to that particular chakra
  • what is needed to bring this part of your life into balance and harmony
  • what are your natural gifts and talents here that need to emerge

Once I gather the needed information on each chakra, I’ll spend time healing and harmonizing each and getting a sense of what needs to be done on your part to assist in anchoring these changes into your life.

Physical Healing

I’ll do a general energetic healing of your body – clearing any energy blockages ready to go now; bringing things to a place of balance and harmony; and making suggestions to follow up with other appropriate healthcare professionals should I feel further attention is needed regarding a particular issue.

Behavioral Change

In the final half hour of our meeting, we will summarize the major issues we covered up to this point. Together we’ll create a behavior change plan to help you integrate the shifts of the days work and be able to continue the growth on your own in the following weeks and months. This behavioral change is important to create new neural pathways in the brain and body the help expand your sense of choice and freedom in your life versus falling back into old

One Week Follow Up

Approximately 1 week after your session, we’ll meet for 30 minutes to cover any questions that may have come up for you. We will also review your behavior change plan and make any revisions that seem necessary.

*** Some people may need ongoing support processing the material that comes up from a soul retrieval and chakra session. If you are in therapy already, make sure you’re comfortable talking about this with your current therapist. If you’re not, you may wish to do ongoing work with me via individual weekly sessions or a transformational package. (link)***

Total Time: 3 hours  – Fee: $480.00

Contact me for a free initial 15 minute interview to see if we are a good match.

What people are saying:

“INCREDIBLE VALUE! The results I received from Dorothy and the Embodied Soul Center in a ½ day private retreat were AMAZING!

In a short amount of time, Dorothy was able to give me FAST RESULTS about my personal wellness as well as my soul’s purpose and healing by applying her incredible insight, profound wisdom, and experience.  Her unparalleled abilities as an intuitive medium and Shaman are UNBELIEVABLE!

Dorothy provided information that I had been unable to get from any other health and wellness providers, ranging from Chakra blocks, soul retrieval steps, and spiritual guidance. The wisdom she pulled in from the spiritual realm was so very helpful and unlike anything I had ever experienced before.  She identified very important health issues by applying her extensive background in so many different healing modalities – from the physiological to the psychological, explaining both the science and spiritual concepts for healing. She went through each of my Chakras, identifying the reasons for the blocks, began clearing each Chakra, as well as provided the follow-up action to continue to make myselffeel more JOY, HAPPINESS, and EASE in my family and business. Plus, she identified blocked traumas in my soul that I now know how to heal.  What a beautiful experience and gift I received!

I can’t highly recommend Dorothy enough…if you are stuck both personally or professionally, Dorothy is the person who can provide REAL SOLUTIONS for you in a high integrity, client-centered, heart-based way with love, patience and understanding. “

Chelsea H., Green Bay, WI

Contact me for a free initial 15 minute interview to see if we are a good match.